Kilkenny Jasco



Jasco is naturally eye catching, with a brilliant copper coat and fancy white legs. He has an elegant front end, set off well with a handsome head and intelligent eye. His conformation has given him the natural balance necessary for a top athlete, with strong hindquarters being a key factor in the amazing scope and style with which he jumped. Jasco's courage and natural carefulness produced many clean and fast show jumping rounds. He is truly a complete athlete that could easily have also had successful careers in both the hunter and dressage rings. He possesses fancy movement with uphill gaits and natural suspension.


Jasco's temperament is the icing on the cake. He is a pleasure to handle and continually demonstrates his extraordinary intelligence and willingness to please. Based on her experience with Jasco since his importation to America, reproductive veterinarian Dr. Lisa Metcalf has remarked that "My staff, mare owners and vets alike are always delighted to work with Jasco. Not only is his semen quality outstanding but he is such a gentleman in the breeding shed."

Jasco proved himself on the North American continent by consistantly being a winner at the most respected show jumping venues of competitions. We will never forget such experiences as his winning the first Grand Prix he ever entered, the Country Classic Grand Prix with Jeff Campf, or the Sunday afternoon King Shavings Grand Prix at Indio with Gail Greenough.

Jasco is currently passing on his legacy while proving his worth as a sire by consistently producing athletic progeny for a variety of disciplines. Jasco's foals have been blessed with his good looks, fancy and athletic movement, natural jumping ability, and wonderful temperaments. These youngsters have been easy to start and display promise to be top competitors in the show jumping, hunter, or dressage rings. 
Kilkenny Crest's breeding program centers around foundation sire Kilkenny Jasco, a 16.2 hand high, handsome chestnut Dutch Warmblood. Foaled in Europe, Jasco is the product of exemplary lines, sought after for both the Show Jumping and Dressage arenas. Jasco's sire, Vasco, established his value in the Dressage ring first, performing at the Z2 level (4th level ) and later in Show Jumping. Vasco was also successful as a sire, following in the footprints of his sire, Gag XX.

Without exception, all of Kilkenny Jasco's offspring exhibit the same attributes;
* Intelligence
* Curiosity
* Willingness to work and learn
* Level minded and sensible
* Always a pleasure to work with 



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