Del Mar International 1!

Fantasma rocked it with Nicki Simpson. She showed him in the 1.30m class on Wednesday and placed 7th. Nicki also showed him in the 1.35m-1.40m Classic and placed 4th! They looked good! Rindo was excited.Will Simpson showed Rindo in the 1.35m class and placed 7th. Then Nicki showed Rindo in the 1.30m and placed 6th. Wallis showed in both 6 year old classes with Will and placed 4th twice!

Masters Tournament at Spruce Meadows 2009!

Kilkenny Randall Z, Kilkenny Rindo and Santa Teresita Fantasma made everyone proud at the Masters as they represented Kilkenny Crest. Out of 55 horses, Randall placed 5th and Fantasma 6th in the 1.30m class on Wednesday. On Friday, Randall placed 3rd and Fantasma 7th out of 40 horses. Rindo placed 7th in the 1.50m Derby. What a show!!!

Thunderbird Show Park Summer Festival!

Kilkenny Wallis stepped it up and placed 4th in both her 1.20m classes. Ayla placed 1st in her 1.30m class Thursday and 2nd in her 1.40m class on Friday. Fanta place 6th in the 1.30m class on Thursday. Achilles Z stuck with the 1.00m classes and placed 6th on Thursday.

Rindo looked very confident taking the blue ribbon twice for both the $25 000 Tommy Bahama Grand Prix on Friday and the $75 000 Keg Steakhouse & Bar Grand Prix on Sunday.

Thunderbird Fort Langley Summer Tournament!

A lot of action with 8 of Kilkenny's show horses taking part. Both Kilkenny Wallis and Kilkenny Tupelo rocked in the 1.20m classes. Tupelo placed 6th on Friday. Rich and Salamanca(Ayla) placed 1st on Thursday. Shelly and Fantasma(Fanta) were right on their tails and placed 6th and 8th respectivly on Thursday and Sunday. Randall Z joined them in the 1.30m class on Sunday and was looking good as always.

The latest addition to our show string is a home bred Air Jordan x Kilkenny Cevita V Z stallion, Kilkenny Achilles Z, who made the show ring look like a play ground. Achilles started off with the 1.00m classes.

Kilkenny Rindo was awesome to watch. Rindo placed 1st in the $10 000 Welcome Class and 2nd in the $25 000 Grand Prix on Friday.

Kilkenny Rindo and Rich Fellers Win the $75,000 World Cup Grand Prix in Vegas:


In Chantel's own words:

Well, Rindo got 2nd place in the $25000 Welcome stake-
> 1.5m.... he was amazing... never saw your dad smile as much
> as he did that night... felt good!!!

> Tupelo got 2nd in 1.3m twice, first class was out of 77
> horses and second class was the final class where there was
> alot of horses, just not sure about exact amount, both times
> she cleared the rounds and went through to jump
> off's....
> Fanta got 2nd place the first class he showed in with
> Flexi(in first) when Rich wanted to let them see the ring.
> Was a small class. Then he got 1st place that same night in
> the 1.4m class.... that was good!!! Rich was amazing with
> all these horses.

> Radinia didn't place in any of her 3 classes that she
> showed in, all of them 1.3m, but you could definitly see an
> improvement in her additude... she is more comfortable in
> the show ring and
> really starts to use her body correctly to make those
> jumps!!! Proud of her!




Kilkenny Tupelo won the Akita Drilling 1.20m class and was 2nd in the Canadian Utilities 1.20m class! She was fast and clean and looking hot- as Rich says, "Tupelo has a need for speed."

Santa Teresita Fantasm took home 2nd in the Royal and Sun Alliance CUP! He jumped like a million bucks, never touching anything!

Kilkenny Jada placed 6th in the Akita Drilling class that Tupelo won! It was a VERY FAST speed class and Jada stepped up to the plate (and so did Kasi) against mostly professionals!

Kilkenny Rindo jumped absolutely beautifully, but had a time fault in a very technical and large enough Atko Frontec 1.40m class and took home 7th place in good company. He also jumped super in the 1.50m BP CUP.

Kilkenny Soprano stepped up to the plate and jumped the 1.30m here this week. He had a double clean round with a fast jump-off time in the AON CUP. He took home a 7th in the Weyehaueser CUP.

Radinia has improved and is looking great! Her athleticism really shined through on Friday when she was one of the few to go clean in the Bantrel Barrage! Finishing 6th.


Thunderbird August Series:

WCHR Summer Classic:

Kilkenny Tupelo took home the Championship in the 1.2m Pureforms!

Kilkenny Rindo was 2nd in Level 6 and placed 6th in the Open Jumper Classic- one rail in the jump-off with the fastest time!

Santa Teresita Fantasma took home 6th in the $25,000 Thunderbird Show Park Grand Prix and 5th in the $10,000 Welcome- he is really learning to go fast!

Week II:

Santa Teresita Fantasma was 2nd in the $10,000 Welcome- Shelly Fellers won on Tyrella Beach!
Kilkenny Soprano won 1.2m Pureform

Kilkenny Rindo WON the 1.3m! Fast double clean!

Radinia has been jumping double clears, taking home a 3rd today in the 1.2m!

Kilkenny Jada was 3rd two days in a row in the 1.15mod jr/ams and the Low Jr/AOs

Spruce Meadows 2008:

Tupelo and Rich WON thier first class together during the North American Tournament!!! Rindo was 7th in the ESSO Welcome 1.30m during the North American.

Kasi and Santa Teresita Salamanca placed 2nd in their first 1.20m class during Canada One. Kilkenny Rindo placed 10th in the 1.20m Corril Holdings Barrage during the Canada One Tournament.

Summer 2007

Kilkenny Rindo placed 9th in the prestigious 1.60m $175,000 Chrysler Derby at Spruce Meadows on July 9th, 2007. He also placed 9th that week in the $35,000 Pengrowth Cup.

Kilkenny Safari has won his first 4 USEF medals with a catch rider and several Washington internationals.

Summer 2006

Kilkenny Lesandra claimed many victories together- Among our highlights and personal favorites:

Lesandra WON the $20,000 Thunderbird Showpark Grand Prix!!! A BEAUTIFUL double clean round over the difficult Buddy Brown course took the pair to the winner's circle!

To prove how consistent the pair can be two days later they came back and took home 2nd place in the $25,000 Coast Capitol Savings Grand Prix.

The girls placed 9th in a World Cup Qualifier at Spruce Meadows as well as other top ribbons during the summer series.

Toledo and Kasi took home top ribbons in both the low hunter and the AA Eq. classes.

Winter 2006

Nicole Bourgeois did an excellent job catch riding our small Junior Hunter, Kilkenny Righteous. Nicole and "Righty" took home top ribbons placing 2nd, 3rd, and 6th over fences and 2nd on the flat at Indio V- her first weekend with the charming gelding. Thanks Nicole, it was fun watching you two!

Kilkenny Randall Z placed 10th in the HITS Indio V's $30,000 Ariat Grand Prix.

Kilkenny Pyrate and Kasi Boyd WIN the $5,000 HITS Jr/AO Classic Sunday, February 5th.

Kilkenny Pyrate places second in the $4,000 HITS Mod. Jr/AO Classic Sunday, January 29th.

Summer/Fall 2005

Kilkenny Lesandra placed 2nd in the $50,000 HBO Grand Prix of Del Mar. At this competition Kilkenny Pyrate almost moved up to the 1.30m AO Jumper division, winning his first class with a 1.50m vertical and placing 2nd in the Sunday Classic.

Kilkenny Lesndra placed 3rd in the $30,000 Oaks Blenheim Classic Grand Prix with rider Mariano Alario.

Kilkenny Lesandra placed 8th in the $50,000 Grand Prix of Showpark in Del Mar on Sept. 3, 2005. This was rider Mariano Alario's first World Cup qualifier.

Mariano Alario and Kilkenny Lesandra WON the $25,000 Bend Grand Prix on July 30, 2005. Mariano had his first class with the Dutch mare on the previous thursday, a level 7 course that he also won. We look forward to watching this team!

Kasi Boyd and Kilkenny Pyrate WON the Mini Prix of Bend on July 24, 2005.

Kilkenny Lesandra placed 9th out of 92 of the world'd best horses in Spruce Meadows' 1.45m Husky Welcome with catch rider Will Simpson.

Kilkenny Pyrate placed 3rd in Spruce Meadows' 1.15m Aon Reed Jr/AO class his first day competing with rider Kasi Boyd. By the end of the summer circuit Pyrate and Kasi took home top ribbons from almost every class entered and won a championship in the 1.20m division.

Kilkenny Lexus placed 5th in Spruce Meadows' 1.20m Coril Holdings Jr/AO Stake in the mud and pouring rain with rider Kasi Boyd. Lexus and Kasi returned home with top ribbons from the 1.20m and 1.25m divisions.

Kilkenny Cevita Z made her comeback at Spruce Meadows after taking a break to raise her colt, Achilles (Air Jordan). For her first show in two years the mare competed in the 1.10m- placing 2nd in her first class and finishing in the top 3 in her competitions with rider Kasi Boyd throughout Spruce's summer tournament.