The diversity in our arenas allows our horses the opportunity to work both indoors and outdoors on either sand or grass before ever leaving home. 

Situated next to the show barn are both the outdoor arena (175 ft. by 250 ft.) with All-Weather footing, and our Cascade grand prix grass field includes a pond encircled by a bank with a slide and a table option, a Devil's Dyke, a large water jump, and a dry ditch. 
Both our arenas and our Grand Prix field have their own sets of jumps with plenty of flower boxes, gates, and walls to keep our horses comfortable over any style jump.


We also have plenty of turn-out space; Kilkenny horses enjoy 55 acres of green pasture nearly year round. We believe in keeping all our horses happy so Kilkenny horses are turned out onto grass 7 days a week.

The farm is sustained by an additional 80 acres where we grow and bale our own hay.

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